A question about generating Makefile.in from Makefile.am

Dear All,

        I added some files under the /src directory and modified Makefile.am
to reflect the revision. I tried to use the 'autoconf' commands (e.g.,
autoscan and automake, etc.) to generate Makefile.in, as suggested on
many on-line manuals, but failed to make it. Unlike the cases on these
on-line manuals, Bro seems not to need 'configure.in' under the /src
directory, but automake will complain of this. I am not so familiar with
the autoconf tools. Would anyone please show me the pointer to solve
the problem? Thanks.

Best regards,

There's a script autogen.sh in the lop-level directory of the
distribution which does the right kind of magic to generate all the
neccessary autotools files.


Thanks a lot, Robin. The configuration becomes much easier with this
script :slight_smile:

I also found another problem. The script autogen.sh in the top-level
directory attempts to run "aux/broccoli/autogen.sh", but autogen.sh
is missing in the 'broccoli' directory. This makes autogen.sh in the
top-level abort. The problem exists even in the lastest version of 1.3.2.

I made a copy of the autogen.sh from the "binpac" directory to the
"broccoli" directory, and modified the line with "NAME=binpac" to
"NAME=broccoli". This ad hoc solution seems workable as the autogen.sh
can exit normally now.


Ah, seems the file doesn't get included into the distribution. It's
there in our internal subversion repository but apparently left out
in the process of building the tar file. We'll fix that. Thanks for
pointing this out.

I've attached the missing file but likely it's indeed just as fine
to use your work-around of adapting the one from binpac.


autogen.sh (3.25 KB)