building bro in linux



You should try linking with "/usr/lib/libresolv.a" instead of "-lresolv"


the latter uses the dynamic library,, unless you add the
"-static" option. Just edit the Makefile accordingly.

                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I could not find
-lresolv in Makefile. Would u tell me where should be corrected in

The "-lresolv" is included - or not - in the Makefile after the execution of
the "./configure" script, depending on the presence of name service -related
functions in your glibc. As it was not included in your case, you might be
missing a "glibc-devel" package of some sort -- just make sure you have the
libresolv's on your system, and re-run the "./configure" script.
Other than that, the "LIBS" variable is the one you should edit in your

Good luck,