FreeBSD Ringmap

I received a mail from Alexander Fiveg, who is working in Berlin on
the FreeBSD zero-copy ringmap for high-speed packet capturing, see
Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting..

He worked on this as a Google SoC and presented his work at the
recent FreeBSD development summit, as he was hoping to attract some
funding from the FreeBSD foundation to continue the work. Alexander
got quite some good feedback at the summit but unfortunately no
major network developer was at there who could have sponsored the
work with the foundation. Robert Watson was quite interested in this
in the past, but apparently he's taking a break right now to finish
his Ph.D.

It now looks like Alexander won't be able to continue the project,
which would be a pity. Does anybody have an idea who else might be
interested in funding such work?