Help with getting PLUGIN_DBG_LOG to work

I’ve looked at all of the plugins that come standard with Bro, and I haven’t really found PLUGIN_DBG_LOG being used. So it is hard to find a good working example of how to print out values for debugging purposes.

As an example program, I’ve used the init program to create a plugin TestSpace::testplugin. I’ve set “plugin::TestSpace_testplugin::Plugin TestPlugin;” inside the “TestSpace_testplugin” namespace in the Plugin.h.

I then call PLUGIN_DBG_LOG(TestPlugin, “…”); inside my constructor of my file, and I’m not seeing anything in the log directory.

Anyone every try to use this, and have something I can look at?

Jason Close
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I suppose you have seen this?

A plugin that's using it is this one:
hilti/bro/src at master · rsmmr/hilti · GitHub (that's a bit more
of a complex one though :slight_smile: