IP address parsing l10n problem

Dear list,

I run bro 2.4.1 in a manager+proxy+worker configuration. When running "broctl status" on the manager, I get:

Error: must run broctl only on manager node

Although I am on the manager node.

This seems to arise from around line 163 in /usr/lib/broctl/BroControl/execute.py, which tries to eliminate the string "addr:" in ifconfig's output.

Unfortunately, the german localized ifconfig output contains "Adresse:", so in my case this prefix does not match "addr:" and is not removed.


LANG= broctl status

makes broctl run as expected.

Just wanted to let you know about it, since it took some time to figure out the problem is l10n related.


There is already a ticket for this issue:

If you run this:
LANG=C /sbin/ifconfig -a

Does it still show the German localized output?


No, setting LANG to C gives the same result as setting an empty locale, I get "inet addr:" in both cases.