Modification of bro source code

hi ,

Does anyone know how to debug in bro other than using lldb?
lldb just gives the frame variables of that particular frame, while making modifications in bro source code, require knowing the values of data members of some other class defined somewhere else.
One way i can think of is by individually going and checking every variable when its getting populated, but that seems a tedious task considering the multiple inheritance going on.

Is there another way to debug?
Please let me know, thanks!!


Hello Yagyesh,

what exactly do you want to debug? Something in scriptland, or something
that is deeper in the c++ source code?

For Bro scripts - there is the Bro debugger (see talk at BroCon 2016;
slides at

If you want to interact with the actual C++ code - yup, you are right,
this will require a bit of knowledge of the internals of Bro. You
basically have lldb there, as well as adding debug output to the Bro
source code (which you need to change for that); there is not really much
more there.