- new writer plugin

Hi all,

I want to make a permanent change into ASCII.cc file of the Ascii_writer.
After making the changes, I’ve created a dummy plugin and updated the src and script dirs accordingly.

compiling the plugin works, however, running Zeek with the new Ascii2_writer as the default writer fails with undefined symbols in the bif references area.

This issue seems to be related to a linkage issue, since Ascii2_writer code placed in <zeek_src>/src/logging/writers works properly.

Any ideas on what to do?

Simply copying the Ascii writer code, creating a plugin and using this plugin under a different namespace fails for the same reason.


maybe take a peek at how https://github.com/ncsa/bro-zeromq-writer is put together… that’s probably one of the simpler standalone log writer plugins.

No luck with that.

I see that the Cmakefile and Makefile in the zeromq writer are the same as mine.
It really seems to be related to a linkage issue.
Running the plugin as a shared object fails due to undefined symbols, yet running the same code inside zeek/src works.

Any thoughts ?


what are the undefined symbols?

Bifconst json_timestamps

and other related functions that are in the included h files (as in the Ascii writer plugin)