plugins/hooks test fail in the new year


plugins/hooks currently fails because of the changed year number:

  0.000000 | HookCallFunction strftime(%Y, XXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXX)
  0.000000 | HookCallFunction string_to_pattern((^\.?|\.)()$, F)
  0.000000 | HookCallFunction sub((^\.?|\.)(~~)$, <...>/, )
  -0.000000 | HookCallFunction to_count(2016)
  +0.000000 | HookCallFunction to_count(2017)

After a slight amount of digging, the culprit is the following part of

# A bit of functionality for 2.5
global brocon:event
(x:count) ;event
bro_init (){event
brocon ( to_count
(strftime ("%Y"

While I know this is cute, currently this will make the test fail on every year
change. Do we perhaps want to either remove this, or at least move this somewhere
outside of base/?


We can remove it. The whole thing with the mugs kind of fell flat anyway. :frowning: