Potential 'Coding Day' after BroCon

Would other people be interested in hanging out an extra day after BroCon to collaborate, write scripts, etc? Obviously, this is totally unofficial.

I have a tendency to get a bunch of fun ideas at a conference and it would be great to set aside some time to work on them immediately while the ideas are fresh and motivation is high. It’s also easier to do when the time is blocked off on my calendar as being part of a conference so ‘normal work’ doesn’t get in the way. :slight_smile:

I realize if people have already booked travel it may be difficult to adjust, but I’d like to gauge interest.


After the conference possibly, at least a get together would be nice.

The second half of Thursday would be great for that.


I fly out early the last night, but I’m interested in anything I can make work.


Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to participate because I have already scheduled travel around the assumption that Thursday was a half-travel day.