signature question

I've got 2 signatures that I've defined, and I'm trying to figure out
the best way to see if both have fired an event in the same

Specifically, I'm curious if signature A hits before signature B.
Below is some [pseudo]code to describe the scenario. I'm confused on
what set_state() does (I just copied this from an example I found). I
can see that both signatures hit, however the "if ( c$sig_a_seen )" is
always False. It seems that the assignment of "c$sig_a_seen = T;"
doesn't get added to the connection to get referenced in other events.
What am I missing to get this value to persist through the entire

Thanks for the input.

export {
        redef record Info += {sig_a_seen: bool &default=F; };

event signature_match(state: signature_state, msg: string, data: string)
    local c = state$conn;
    set_state(c, F, F);
    local message = "";

    if ( /^signature/ in state$sig_id )
        message = fmt("%s signature found", state$sig_id);
        print message
        c$sig_a_seen = T;
    # if I do a print c, here then I can see that if it's signature A
it's set T, but signature B is set F.
    if ( /signatureB/ in state$sig_id )
        if ( c$sig_a_seen )
            print "I've seen A followed by B";