Specifying scripts for Bro to load


On this documentation page [1], it says "all" can be used to specify that Bro "perform all the default analysis that’s available". However when I attach "all" to the Bro command, like "bro -i eth0 all" is exits with an error: "fatal error: can't find all".

I know that "local" is used to load site-specific scripts, what can I use to load all available scripts, as indicated in the docs?

[1] https://www.bro.org/sphinx/quickstart/index.html#bro-as-a-command-line-utility



Huh, I'm not sure what that documentation is referring to. :slight_smile:

I just pushed some documentation updates for that page, but I'm not sure how often the development documentation is generated. You can see the change I committed in the repository though.