Why Broccoli is marked as (DEPRECATED)


I’m seeing Broccoli is marked as (DEPRECATED) form github page https://github.com/bro/broccoli. What does it mean? Will broccoli being deprecated or removed from bro soon?


Broccoli, used by default in Bro 2.5 and previous versions, is
deprecated because it's being replaced with a new component called


Currently, Bro's master branch in git and the upcoming 2.6 release use
Broker for remote communication by default and re-enabling Broccoli
communication requires some additional effort from the user. The 2.6
release is likely on the order of weeks away. Broccoli will be
completely removed at some point, likely for 2.7, and historically
these minor-version releases have been paced on the order of 1-2 years
apart (not strictly scheduled).

- Jon