#762: Add eof line to logfiles

AFAIK, RFC 4180 doesn't specify comments as part of standard CSV format. Thus, I believe it's important to ensure that an option to disable this behavior makes it into the code.


It would not be CSV compatible, that is true… but Bro already uses the same format for its header lines (which also are not RFC 4180 conformant unless I am very much mistaken).

Can those be switched off by a configuration option? If yes one could use the same one for the footer line...

Nope, the headers aren't RFC spec, either. IIRC, the option to disable these headers is (from scripts/base/frameworks/logging/writers/ascii.bro):

     ## If true, include a header line with column names and description
     ## of the other ASCII logging options that were used.
     const include_header = T &redef;

Thus, `include_footer` seems like it'd be sane to me.


Or just rename into a single one like "include_format"