a odd problem

Hi all,
    I encounter a odd problem when i run *bro* today.

    # ./bro my -w /home/zw/bro09171617.dump
    input in flex scanner failed

    my.bro as following:

    #my.bro 09/06/2004 by Cliff

@load mt
@load worm
@load snort

#redef suppress_scan_checks=T;
redef root_servers={};
redef interfaces="eth0";

#redef bro_log_file=open_log_file("comex");
redef weird_file=open_log_file("./log/comex");

#capture_filters and restrict_filters
#redef capture_filters+={["ftp"]="port ftp",["telnet"]="port telnet",
# ["ssh"]="port ssh",
# };
#redef restrict_filters={["net"]="net 192.168.10"};

redef signature_files+="snort-default.sig";
redef signature_files+="worm.sig";

It work well before.However,it doesn't work today?
Who can give me some hints?


    # ./bro my -w /home/zw/bro09171617.dump
    input in flex scanner failed

How about putting "my" in the end of the command line?

./bro -w /home/zw/bro09171617.dump my

(All options must come before policy script names in order for them to recognized as options.)