Adding child analyzer to TCP using a non-built-in plugin

I’m having some difficulties with this as I’m not entirely sure how to go about it. Usually, adding a child analyzer requires passing the object directly to the function. However, since the plugin isn’t built-in, something more abstract needs to happen. I’m at a loss and curious to know if this has been done in the past. If so, who might know how to do this?

I’ll be tinkering it this on my own over the weekend, but I wouldn’t mind some information for the process if I can get it.

Do I see it right that the main challenge is the code in
analyzer/ that adds TCPRS as a child analyzer? That's
currently hardcoded but needs to become dynamic with a plugin.

Here's an idea for that: we could add a new plugin hook that executes
at the end of BuildInitialAnalyzerTree(), giving plugins an
opportunity to augment the tree further at that point, for example by
adding another child analyzer like TCPRS. See plugin/Plugin.h for the
API for existing hooks; we'd add another one of those Hook*() methods
to the Plugin class. Would that work for you?