Adding more bro workers

Hi all,

As i have a standalone bro worker at the moment i am wanting to branch out and add more workers to the same link because of a high rate of packet loss.

the worker has the fibre card receiving the direct packet stream from our TAP. When i upgrade to cluster mode i will be building two more systems, one for the management/proxy/logger and then another worker.

As one worker will have the fibre card how does the worker number 2 or 3 or 4 in the future receive traffic to assist in processing the data feed? is the load shared between workers that reside on the same subnet? as the feed from the tap is just a passive fibre feed with no routing configured on it.

i hope each worker doesnt need to have a fibre card added into the same tap point.


In my scenario we use a switch (specifically an arista 7150 with a Z licence) to do symmetric load balancing to a cluster of bro sensors. That requires that all of my sensors have the appropriate NICs (myricoms for me).

Check out what the architecture documentation refers to as the frontend.