Analysis tool ideas/tips?

Hello Bro-Jedis,
The more I experiment with Bro and start to see the wast possibilities with the collected data, I also feel the need for some serious log analysis / correlation capabilities besides the self-evident Unixy-way with grep, sort and [awk|sed]…

I really like splunk and I will for sure try feeding splunk with the bro-logs, and I am sure it will work perfectly. And there is even an app for that:

Have you guys tried out any other log analysis tools? Greylog2? Logstash+Kibana?

Any ideas/tips/discussions welcome…

PS. I saw somewhere a presentation about saving executables flying over the network. Any pointers to scripts for doing that? I have a vision of sending those to cuckoosandbox for automatic malware analysis, ehich would be cool, kind-of like FireEye!

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Kim Halavakoski

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Take a look at ELSA,