Ask for help: zeek/modbus


I’m novice in zeek use and command line interpretation. But when I did this command, I get the below error:

~/bro$ bro -r 09052019.pcap /home/salwa/bro/scripts/base/protocols/modbus/main.zeek

fatal error in /home/salwa/bro/scripts/base/protocols/modbus/main.zeek, line 5: can’t find ./consts

My goal is to analyze my pcap file with zeek and extract the maximum of statistics to train my neural network. The more statistics I have, the better my learning of the neural network. That’s why I used the modbus script but I ignore the reason of the above error.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


In this case, that script is loaded by default and you don't have to
specify it. So you could just do:

     bro -r 09052019.pcap

Not sure that would explain the error though, unless you somehow do
not have a file at
/home/salwa/bro/scripts/base/protocols/modbus/consts.zeek, which
should have come as part of the source code.

- Jon