Basic Cluster Install Issues

Hello All,

I am currently trying to configure bro-2.3.1 for a basic cluster as
outlined on I have a physical box with the IP
(Ubuntu 14.04 server) and a VM (Ubuntu 12.04 LTE) with the IP I have tried using both the root user with ssh keys
generated and exchanged between the machines and a 'bro' user --after
changing the ownership of /nsm/bro to that user.

I can execute /nsm/bro/bin/broctl and perform an install fine (the proxy
and manager boot) but I get worker-1 still initializing. Then when I
run a status worker-1 states it's crashed. Running a diag shows:

/nsm/bro/bin/bro: 1: /nsm/bro/bin/bro: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted
/nsm/bro/bin/bro: 1: /nsm/bro/bin/bro: ELF: not found

The second line has some funny characters in it which makes me think I
might be missing a dependency.

Has anyone seen this or know of a quick fix? Literally all I did was
follow the guide and commented out the stand-alone stuff in node.cfg and
then un-commented the cluster stuff + set my hosts to the IPs, exchanged
SSH keys, ran broctl install, then status to see nothing working.
Thanks guys!

I’m curious if your Bro binary isn’t getting copied over to your worker node correctly. I would take a look at your Bro binary to see if it is in fact a binary. :slight_smile:

Could you also send me your node.cfg off list?