binpac: HTTP parsing failing and exception thrown


I have a bunch of .pac files that we used over the years without any
changes for HTTP parsing and no issues.

binpac-lib.pac binpac.pac http-analyzer.pac http.pac http-protocol.pac

However, the HTTP parsing is failing in our recent release and hitting
this exception:

if ( t_anonymous_field_005_string_length < 0 )
"[ \\t]*", string((const char *) (t_dataptr_after_uri), (const char *)

I have verified the input fed to the parser routines is exactly the
same as before which always works in the previous release. The binpac
version has not changed either. There are other things which binpac
depends on and those might have changed (like bison or flex) and gcc
versions etc.

Could you pls provide me with any inputs here? If you need more
details please let me know.