Bro 1.1/.9 won't compile under gcc/g++ 4.1.1

Having trouble compiling any bro version under g++ 4.1.1 on fedora core 5.
Here is the output from the configure and make of bro-1.1-latest.

               Broccoli Configuration Summary


it appears you can no longer say things such as

  class A {
    void A::FooBar();

It should be noted that I actually fixed the Field:: extra
qualification error and it still didn't build, erroring with much more
severe problems.

Mhm... I just removed a few more of those and ended up with the attached
diff. Builds fine here now. Let us know if you still doesn't work.

Thought you folks should know... apologies if this has been mentioned
before as I'm new to the list.

Thanks for the feedback!


gcc-4.1.1.diff (1.69 KB)