Bro 1.5.3 release now available

Bro release 1.5.3 is now available from and

This version is a maintenance release with a few refinements and
fixes, see below.

The next major release will be 1.6, which we are actively working on.


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1.5.3 Thu Mar 3 08:55:11 PST 2011

- Removing aux/broctl/policy/ from the
  distribution. The script is no longer needed and could in fact break
  an installation because it redefines an old variable that has went
  away. (Robin Sommer)

- Smarter way to increase the communication module's pipe's socket
  buffer size, resulting in a value closer to the allowed maximum.
  (Craig Leres)

- BroControl now also maintains links from the log archive to the
  current set of logs when running in standalone mode. (Robin Sommer)

- Bug fix for a file descriptor leak in the remote communication
  module. (Scott Campbell)

- Bug fix for BroControl to now activate trace-summary's sampling in
  cluster mode, but not anymore in standalone mode. (Robin Sommer)

- Broccoli updates:

    * Accept empty strings ("") as values in the configuration file.
      (Craig Leres)

    * Support for specifying a separate host key for SSL-enabled
      operation, with documentation update. (Craig Leres)