Bro 2.2 Beta available

We have released a public beta version of Bro 2.2. See the blog
posting for more:

Please help us test so that we can work out any kinks that might be


Very exciting!

Thank you!

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Log Siphon.


Now that's a news of the month :slight_smile:

Does it contain the fix for a HUGE memory leak that I've seen a few weeks ago in the git version?

Yes. Most of the large sites now seem to be stable. A couple were new, a couple were old an only uncovered by new features.

If you are still seeing problems please report them on list.


Liam Randall

else, please let us know.


[1] The one possible exception is loading policy/misc/profiling.bro.
It's unclear right now if there's still a leak with that script but
it's mainly for debugging anyways and not used by default.