Bro 2.5 Beta2 available

The second beta for Bro 2.5 is now available for testing and can be
downloaded at:

Binary packages are also available at:

If you already installed the binary packages of the earlier beta, the new
beta version can be installed by an invoking the update functionality of
the package manager of your distribution.

The notable changes since the first 2.5 beta are:

- Lots of fixes for the SMB analuyzer. Note that the SMB analyzer still is
  disabled by default.

- Support for (draft) TLS 1.3

- Lots of various small fixes in Bro and Broctl.

For more information see the NEWS and CHANGES files:

Feel free to use this mailing list or the bug tracker ( to
provide feedback or report problems. We are happy to receive feedback and
expect only minor changes before the release.