Bro: An issue regarding Big-endian , little-endian


I am using bro version 0.7a48. I was using bro-0.7a48 on linux
i had made some small changes. Later i moved it to openbsd 2.9.
(I had tarred the whole directory)

I did a ./configure and make on the new platform.
Should this cause a problem ?

The problem i am facing is this:

when a ftp connection is initiated.. the 'service' variable in
is becoming '5376' instaed of '21'. has:

int service = ntohs(pkt_dst_port);

pkt_dst_port is '21' and the ntohs is making it '5376'.

I think it is because i had been using bro before in Linux which is a little endian and Openbsd is a big-endian machine.

Is there a way to rectify this without remiving the ntohs ??

I used another version which was not used on linux and it is working fine.


hi all,

Please ignore the previous mail.
I got the issue resolved.