bro and nestea attacks

I looking for information, I compile bro V6.0 alpha on Linux (kernel
at the compilation I have a message when it execute the command bison
-y -dtv parse.y
--> conflicts : 3 shift/reduce
It makes then the Bro binaire then I 'm running the command :
bro -i eth0 scan
On an over computer I running nessus ( a program that makes most known
attacks )
--> bro show the scanning and when the nestea attack begin then a
Segmentation Fault appear and bro stop
I just want to known if the problem is a porting problem ( what appen on

Sun ? ) or if it's a bro bug .
If someone want to test this I can get a full tcpdump file of the nestea

attack ( just ask me the file )
Thanks in Advance ( and thank to Vern Paxon for this program ).