Hello Bro Team.

I had done a fresh pull down of Fedora 21 and wanted to upgrade bro as
well. So I pulled down bro-2.3.2 and compiled. All went fine and no
errors. After 'make install' I went to start bro via broctl and got
the following error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bro/bin/broctl", line 962, in <module>
    from BroControl import util
  File "/usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/BroControl/", line 10, in
    import config
  File "/usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/BroControl/", line 9, in
    import execute
  File "/usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/BroControl/", line 17, in
    import broccoli
  File "/usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/", line 11, in <module>
    class Connection:
  File "/usr/local/bro/lib/broctl/", line 13, in Connection
    def __init__(self, destination, broclass="",
NameError: name 'BRO_CFLAG_RECONNECT' is not defined

Now I thought this was due to an upgrade issue. So I deleted
everything in /usr/local/bro and reinstalled. Unfortunately, still
the same error. Has anyone encountered this before? I have had bro
running on Fedora 20 just fine before upgrade so I am wondering what
is afoot here.

When you compiled Bro, which version of swig was used?

I believe this is an issue with broccoli and newer versions of swig.
This should be fixed in a newer version of Bro (the 2.4 beta was
released today). Alternatively, if you prefer to use Bro 2.3.2,
then you could copy the files CMakeLists.txt and
from the git repo and
put them in your Bro 2.3.2 source tree (the relative path
is aux/broccoli/bindings/broccoli-python/), then rebuild Bro.