Bro cluster switching to AMD

Hi all.

I have had a bro cluster running the latest version on ubuntu 16.04 on a Dell server with Intel processors that have 16 cores.

I have found that ram and disk are sufficient but i dont have enough CPUS cores as they are constantly busy so i have setup cpu pinning and load balancing with PF_RING

I have come into some hardware that i will use to replace the existing hardware. It has significant ram and disk upgrade but the primary upgrade will be the CPUs. It will have a total of 48 cores but it is based on AMD not intel, my question is there anything different about running bro on ubuntu with PF_RING on AMD architecture than Intel CPU?

Do i need to do anything to ensure that bro will utilise all 48 cores? The network link is only a 1GBps but the existing intel CPU is struggling.

I cant find many documents stating there is a difference. Ill just ensure the pf ring pinning is set correctly