[Bro-Commits] [git/bro] fastpath: Redo the "how to upgrade" FAQ. (06d6277)

It seems to me that this info should be in the "Installing Bro"
document, since upgrading from a previous version will be a
very common scenario.

Good point, maybe we need an "updating" section there.


If you want, you could just merge it into master, then I can
change it later to point to the "Installing Bro" material
(as part of my documentation work for 2.2).


Sounds good.

Btw, it's a bit unfortunate that we have put the FAQ document into the
distribution as that means it won't update on the web server until the
next release comes out. That's something I think we should chnage in
the future: the FAQ shouldn't be tied to a specific version but
maintained separately as a web page instead.


Github has an interesting approach to how it generates the optional "Github pages" documentation. It uses a specific branch ("gh-pages") from your repository, to generate them.

Assuming I'm understanding this properly, one potential option would be to have a specific branch that the documentation up on the web server is generated from.



But don't we have the same issue when, for example, someone corrects
an error in the documentation? (the correction won't appear in the
docs until the next Bro release)

As a sort of workaround, whenever I look at the documentation on the
web site, I choose the "Development" option under the "Documentation"
tab, so that I always see the most recent version of the docs.