[Bro-Commits] [git/bro] master: Removed a few more discovered UTF-8 characters in Bro scripts. (cd18d9620)

Hum. Would it make sense to introduce a test that checks all script-files for non-ascii-characters?

I can so see that happening again...


I added this as one of the checks that packages.bro.org does,

corelight/bro-hardware is the only one I found that has non-ascii in it.. but all in the auto generated data.bro.

I actually am more concerned about the scripts that we ship with Bro itself :). Though it is nice to have for packages too...


Oh :slight_smile: I hadn't ran it on the scripts that come with bro.. it finds one non-ascii char:

base/protocols/rdp/consts.bro:230 non ascii characters

which is

    [1044] = "Norwegian (Bokmål)",