[Bro-Commits] [git/bro] topic/seth/libinjection: Integration with libinjection (https://github.com/client9/libinjection) (9ee6dff)

     - This is only for show. I did a tiny bit of testing with real
       network traffic and there were way too many false positives for
       this to be really useful. I'm not going to be filing a merge
       request for this.

Very useful to know! I was about to offer a student to investigate the
efficacy of libinjection, but given the high FPs, I am less excited
about it. Do you think it's possible to improve on the FP rate or is
the "model" hardcoded in the library?


I don't know, the false hits make me believe it's a failing in their model, but I don't really understand how it works so I can't say that authoritatively.