BRO_CONFIG_FILE variable in

I just got UCSF's first Bro installation going and I am getting an error
in the The error is

"$BRO_CONFIG_FILE" is not exported by the Bro::Config module

Can't continue after import errors at
/opt/bro-1.0/scripts/ line 25

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/bro-1.0/scripts/
line 25.

What is a typical BRO_CONFIG_FILE varible set for?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Marc Weisbrod

Security Engineer

University of California at San Francisco

1855 Folsom Street, Room 602

San Francisco, CA 94103


I think this happened because you installed bro in /opt instead of the
default location of /usr/local/bro. (if so, this is a bug)

Try setting BRO_CONFIG_FILE to /opt/bro-1.0/etc/bro.cfg

Weisbrod, Marc wrote: