Bro: detectiong OS probes

Lot of OS probes works by sending a combination of flags like

SFU12, SF12 etc and seeing how the OS behaves. I was wondering how to detect
these kind of probes using bro .

I know it can be done easily in the TCPConnection::NextPacket()
where you have the syn,fin,rst and other flags in separate variables.
Probably i could look for those pattern call the Weird().

But is that the way to go about it ? Or should the detection be done
at the bro-script level.

The right way to do it is either via Weird(), or (better) by introducing
a new event handler, something like:

  event strange_TCP_flag_combo(c: connection, SYN: bool, FIN: bool, RST: bool, ACK: bool, PSH: bool, URG: count)

Your policy script could then decide how to react to specific combinations.



I would like to have reports cyclically of my network usage beside the
intrusion detection, so I have a short script like the attached file.
Unfortunatelly, bro seems do nothing with reporting. It isn't documented, so
can you draw me a way of doing that?


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