Bro Digest, Vol 123, Issue 24

Well regarding Splunk add-on for BRO-IDS, I asked following question on Splunkbase and still waiting for an answer so thought might be worth sharing it here as well:

Starting with the environment, I have an indexer cluster of 3 indexers, two independent search heads, and one Universal forwarder.
My question is where the BRO IDS app goes and how it works?
What I have done is - I have installed the app on both of my search heads (as per general convention while dealing with apps), and my Universal Forwarder is monitoring the Bro log directory (yes I have installed UF on my Bro sensor machine).
I am getting the monitored Bro logs in my indexers and am able to search them via search heads, but the app is just sitting there doing nothing it seems.

The documentation I have read so far says that you need to install app on the heavy forwarder that is monitoring your log dir and have to set the inputs path in the app instead of heavy forwarder’s input. (So I think it’s stupid for the people who just want to have a forwarder installed on their bro sensor for just forwarding bro logs and for that we need to install heavy forwarder with the app, and that too app will be doing all the forwarding and parsing and heavy forwarder will be just sitting there providing Python support to the app to do its stuff).

So my question is: is my above configuration even workable with Bro IDS add-on or do I have to just chuck the idea of using the add-on because I don’t want to run a heavy forwarder on my Bro machines?


Hi Fatema-

I’ve answered your posting at

Please respond there if you need some additional detail.