BRO hourly summary connectivity reports - geoip?


Is there a way to customize/add items that are e-mailed as a part of the BRO hourly connection summary reports? I would like to add geoip lookups for example?

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frameworks/notice/actions/add-geodata.bro does this.

you just need to do something like:

redef Notice::lookup_location_types += {

or write a notice hook that adds ACTION_ADD_GEODATA to all notices.
which means taking this:

hook policy(n: Notice::Info) &priority=10
    if ( n$note in Notice::lookup_location_types )
        add n$actions[ACTION_ADD_GEODATA];

and adding one of your own like

hook policy(n: Notice::Info) &priority=10
    add n$actions[ACTION_ADD_GEODATA];

Thanks Justin.

I am a newbie to BRO. Where would I put that code? Would that be a separate
script which would need to be loaded in local.bro?

Yep.. You could add the lines directly to local.bro but that gets messy
fast. I would make a 'notice-locations.bro' in the site directory what
contains the location specific tweaks, then add a simple

    @load notice-locations

in local.bro