Bro logger not starting with mounted directories

So I have a Bro cluster running in some containers, with a single instance of each node type, manager, logger, proxy and worker, all running on different servers. Log files get written to /usr/local/bro-2.5.4/spool/logger on the logger host, and then they get moved to folders under /usr/local/bro-2.5.4/logs. Everything is working ok, but I want to be able to write the logs to a mounted volume so that they can be seen outside the container. I tried mounting folders for both the bro/spool/logger folder and then also the bro/logs folder, but then the logger won’t start (I checked that the permissions for the folder allow for reading and writing of any user inside the container, although currently the process is running as root). I was able to mount the bro/logs folder and start everything ok, but obviously the files written to the bro/spool/logger folder are only rotated over to the bro/logs folder periodically.

Does anyone have any ideas why the logger wouldn’t start? The command to start the logger doesn’t seem to output any obvious message that would indicate why it failed, and the bro process itself isn’t running after the execution.