bro machines


  I am about to build three Bro machines, and I'm trying to determine what
  hardware to buy. These machines will all monitor gigabit ethernet links
  and will be running FreeBSD-STABLE.

  Here's my first pass:

    800 MHz PIII or better
    at least 2 64-bit PCI slots
    256 MB RAM
    3 x 40GB+ ATA100 HD
    10/100 Ethernet
    2 x SysKonnect SK-9842 SK-NET GE-SX
    lame AGP SVGA card

  I'm a little bit uncertain about the IDE disk, but the 40GB disks are less
  than $200 each -- I can have over 100GB of logging space this way. I'm
  normally a SCSI bigot, but lately I'm not sure it's worth it in all

  Are the SysKonnect cards the way to go?

  Comments? Suggestions?