Bro on Linksys Router.

I've been tinkering with getting bro running on a Linksys commodity router which has a MIPS processor & runs linux.

bro has been compiled for MIPS & transferred to the linksys. The folks at have made up quite a nice distribution. It actually is a nice general purpose (albeit tiny) Linux box. The tmp directory is in ram, the rest is actually in flash memory in compressed form, and is read-write, so you actually have a persistant file system (although, of course, flash has a limited number of re-write cycles, so you wouldn't want to abuse that property). It makes it nice for installing custom software, tho'.

Anyway, bro gets this error when starting up:
/tmp/bro/bro/policy/pcap.bro, line 62: error: unknown identifier log, at or near "log"

---- Here's where it fails:
function install_default_pcap_filter()
         if ( ! install_pcap_filter(DefaultPcapFilter) )
                  log fmt("%.6f Can't install default pcap filter (cmdline override?)", network_time());