Bro restrict filters question


I am running Bro 2.5 and I am trying to set up some restrict_filters to drop certain hosts and types of traffic.

I have the following entries in my local.bro…

redef PacketFilter::enable_auto_protocol_capture_filters = F;
redef capture_filters = { [“packets-like-this”] = “ip or not ip” };
redef restrict_filters = { [“no-data-like-this”] = “not host” };

I had something similar in earlier versions of Bro that seemed to work but this doesn’t work at all.

When I run ./broctl print restrict_filters it shows that the workers have that filter.

Any ideas?


Craig Edgmand

Oklahoma State University

Is your traffic vlan tagged? You may need to use

redef restrict_filters = { ["no-data-like-this"] = "vlan and not host" };

Oddly enough it works with tcpdump but not with Bro.

Can you check if "broctl "print PacketFilter::current_filter" looks
reasonable, and if the exact filter it returns works for you with tcpdump?