Bro stable release date


I’d like to switch from Bro release 2.4 to 2.5 because of its new features, but currently v2.5 is a beta version yet.

Do you know if Bro 2.5 will be released as “STABLE” in near term ?

Do you have a rough idea for release date ?

Thanks for your support and your work.

Best Regards


Ya +1 to this...people itch when I talk about putting a beta into production.


Weeks, not months, assuming nothing goes wrong. But we want the second beta to at least get a couple of weeks of testing in production at multiple sites.

Adam which would be more helpful for test the official packaged beta, or git?


If you are keeping up with master, that’s fine. The reason we released the second beta was because a lot of fixes had already been pushed into the master since the first beta, and we wanted to get people testing those.

Good deal...I'll stick with master then thanks.