bro unrecognized character error!


I am trying to run bro in my bash terminal. I have a “local.bro” file in a different directory so its not in default path. I am just trying to do a simple signature match, therefore i have created a “signature.sig” file in the directory. In my local.bro file i have tried using both ways “@load-sigs ./signature” and "redef signature_files += “signature.sig”. The signature.sig file has the “signature my-first-sig” example from site. In my terminal when i try to execute this: bro -r traffic.pcap local i get an error message saying “line 27: unrecognized character -” and i have also tried doing bro -r traffic.pcap -s signature.sig which also give me the same unrecognized character error.

Am i doing something wrong, please can you guide me to a solution ?

Thank you

Bibin K
Bro Network Analyst (Beginner)