bro v2.4 Bro Intel Framework Extensions do not work

Hi, I had working BRO Intel extensions fine until bro v2.4 version.
Now I get errors :

checking configurations …
manager scripts failed.
error in /opt/bro/share/bro/my_scripts/intel-ext/./scripts/extend.bro, line 19: no such field in record (Intel::s$f?$mime_type)
error in /opt/bro/share/bro/my_scripts/intel-ext/./scripts/extend.bro, line 20: no such field in record (Intel::s$f$mime_type)

Have anyone a clue where should I fix the issue ?

Answers are in this thread:

the tl;dr is f?$mime_type is now meta$mime_type


Thank you for instant reply.

However I am not good at scripting . As far as I understand I should just change line f?$mime_type to meta$mime_type right ?
And what about f$mime_type ?

Sorry about that. I just pushed a fix to the repository (and now it only works with Bro 2.4).


thank you for the fix. It is working fine now.