Bro workshop at Supercomputing '06

There are a group of individuals who decided to have a semi-informal
workshop at the Supercomputing '06 conference this year
( The workshop will be held Tuesday
November 14th from 1 - 5pm and Wednesday the 15th from 9 - 12am.
The reason it was split over two days is because of scheduling conflicts
with the SC'06 event. It may also provide easier travel for people who only
want to attend the workshop on those two days (get in Tuesday morning
and leave Wednesday afternoon).

Here are some of the people who will be giving presentations at the

Brian Tierney: Bro Overview
Robin Sommer: New features in Bro and future plans for Bro
Scott Campbell: Bro-to-Bro communication
Jason Lee: Bro Cluster
Seth Hall: RBroccoli - Ruby interface for Broccoli

Other areas of discussion will be around using netflows with Bro (Jim
Mellander has brought up what he is doing on this list), how other
sites are using Bro, feature changes/requests, maybe something on how to
implement Bro and get past the intial hurdles, sharing Bro data between
sites, and any other topics that people want to bring up. Also, in case
people did not know, Bro has been used as the IDS at the Supercomputing
events for a number of years now. So it might be interesting to discuss
how that was set up and configured.

If anyone is interested in attending just send me an email, or you
can post something to the list.

This workshop was put together (kind of at the last minute :slight_smile: because
of some interest with a few of the sites who use Bro and were going to
be attending the SC'06 event. But we wanted to open it up for any
other site that might be interested in attending. So it will be very
informal and hopefully we can use this event to start something more
formal in future years.

SC'06 is in Tampa, Florida this year, and you can check out the main
web page ( for information on where
it's located. There is also a Travel section that has info on hotels
in the area: