Broccoli 0.5


I've managed to create a native win32 DLL build of Broccoli, using the
MinGW environment ( and the OpenSSL libraries
listed on . Evidence:

This is broping running inside vmware on my laptop and pinging out to
Bro running on the Linux host system. (Apologies for the German window
title -- this is an installation of a Windows 98 CD that has a long
tradition in my family :slight_smile:

MinGW rocks. I was able to use the entire gnuish build environment
including libtool, and moving to OpenSSL eliminated almost all
platform-dependent stuff. I can't seem to figure out nonblocking I/O on
Windows right now so it's blocking for the moment, but it's in the

The new 0.5 release + the windows binaries are here in case you want to
give it a try: