BroCon lightning talk sign-up

Hello Bro Community,

In order to queue up requests to speak at the BroCon Lightning Talk session, we’ve created a Google form:

We ask for your name, email address, organization, talk title, contact info, and a link to 1 or 2 slides to help us generate the slide deck.

Lightning talk abstract:
Have you contributed a package to the new Bro Package Manager? Or do you have something interesting to share related to Bro that doesn’t fit into a traditional presentation? Great! We’d love to hear from you. We have scheduled a 45-minute session for lightning talks. Be prepared to quickly identify your point, demonstrate it, and provide a link or contact info for later follow-up. We’d like to accommodate as many talks as possible so please limit your talk to less than 5 minutes. No commercially incentivized presentations, please.

Register for BroCon:

Don’t forget to book your hotel:

The block of rooms expires on August 14th.

See you in September,

The Bro Project