BroCon rideshare?

In booking my travel, I queried the hotel about travel to/from TACC. They say its a good 20 minute walk. Googling the weather in Austin mid September, but it seems that 90s and Thunderstorms are reasonably normal.

With that in mind - is there a rideshare? or does someone know a clever way/app to organize one. It seems a shame for everyone to rent a car for such a short daily ride.

Jeffrey Collyer

I was in Austin last year for SuperComputing’15 and had very good luck getting around with Uber. I’ve never actually tried Uber Pool though.


Due to some crazy politics in Austin, Uber/Lyft are no longer there, but Austin has some other ride share start ups.

The hotel is probably also thinking of the old TACC building. It is only 0.4 miles.