broctl restart --clean

Just a thought,

broctl restart --clean at present does operations in the following sequence:

1) Stop running bro
2) clean up nodes
3) check configurations
4) install new config
5) start bro.

If scripts are buggy, this would fail at step (3) and now I am debugging scripts while bro is not running.

I think restart --clean should first check configurations (step 3) and then if success, move further or stop.

buggy/typo scripts are preffered to be debugged while bro is running.


To avoid user confusion, I think it would be good to simply remove the
"--clean" option from the restart command. Then, one would just use
the "deploy" command. It does a "check", "install", "stop", and
"start" (in that order). If someone wants to do things differently,
they can still use the individual ("check", "clean", "restart", etc.)