Broken include in latest "stable" release (2.4) of Bro source?


I think there may be a broken #include in the latest “stable” release (2.4) of the Bro source tar ball.

At: aux/broker/src/store/result_type_info.hh:5:10:

#include <caf/detail/abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp>

should be:

#include <caf/abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp>

I believe.

Davids-MacBook-Air-2:bro dbanas$ l /usr/local/include/caf/

abstract_actor.hpp behavior_policy.hpp from_string.hpp node_id.hpp spawn.hpp
abstract_channel.hpp binary_deserializer.hpp fwd.hpp none.hpp spawn_fwd.hpp
abstract_event_based_actor.hpp binary_serializer.hpp group.hpp on.hpp spawn_options.hpp
abstract_group.hpp blocking_actor.hpp illegal_message_element.hpp optional.hpp static_visitor.hpp
abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp channel.hpp intrusive_ptr.hpp policy/ string_algorithms.hpp

Davids-MacBook-Air-2:bro dbanas$ l /usr/local/include/caf/detail/
actor_registry.hpp default_uniform_type_info.hpp int_list.hpp raw_access.hpp tbind.hpp
apply_args.hpp disablable_delete.hpp intrusive_partitioned_list.hpp ripemd_160.hpp try_match.hpp
arg_match_t.hpp disposer.hpp left_or_right.hpp run_program.hpp tuple_vals.hpp
atom_val.hpp double_ended_queue.hpp limited_vector.hpp safe_equal.hpp tuple_zip.hpp
behavior_impl.hpp embedded.hpp logging.hpp scope_guard.hpp type_list.hpp


The working combinations of Bro + CAF should now be Bro 2.4 and CAF 0.13.x or if you want to work w/ Bro’s git repo, its master branch should be working w/ CAF 0.14 (i.e. that CAF header file moved locations between releases).

- Jon


I came across the “abstract_uniform_type_info.hpp” CAF issue a couple weeks ago (look for “libcaf errors” for history). It was exactly what Jon said and I was able to build Bro repo against CAF 0.14.


Okay, got it. Thanks, all!