Broker code question

Broker generates these two events in Bro:

    event BrokerComm::outgoing_connection_established(peer_address: string,
                                                      peer_port: port,
                                                      peer_name: string)
    event BrokerComm::incoming_connection_established(peer_name: string)

I was just trying to see if I could add the address and port arguments
to the incoming event as well, so that one knows where the connection
is coming from. For the outgoing version, the Broker codes stores the
information in "outgoing_connection_status", so I tried to add it to
the corresponding "incoming_connection_status" as well. But I can't
seem to find a good way to get to the peering information (which has
the address and port) at the times when that status is created.

Any ideas?


Don’t think that info is available in Broker due to CAF abstracting it away. Don’t remember at the moment how that info can be extracted from CAF. Maybe there’s even a simple function to get addr/port of a remote actor, but I also recall lower level networking stuff might be available from within the “broker” class in CAF. If the later is the recommended way to go, there’d need to be some code factoring in Broker to actually use that “broker” system of CAF.

- Jon