broker compile problem


I have been trying over and over to solve this but failed.
I keep getting this error when compiling bro

[ 9%] Building CXX object aux/broker/tests/CMakeFiles/test_data.dir/
Linking CXX executable test_data
…/ undefined reference to inflateInit2_' ../ undefined reference to inflate’
…/ undefined reference to deflateInit2_' ../ undefined reference to deflate’
…/ undefined reference to deflateEnd' ../ undefined reference to inflateEnd’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

I have attached the Dockerfile I used

Dockerfile (1.78 KB)

Is zlib installed and in a path the linker searches?

- Jon

I use zlib1g-dev (in Dockerfile).
I was thinking of building zlib from source.

It is a rocksdb thing. It needs all kind of libs related to zip.

Without installing rocksdb everything compiles perfect.
Sorry Mark .. :smiley:

Problem solved, rocksdb works too…
In debian I needed zlib1g-dev libsnappy-dev & libbz2-dev.